Using data to close the gap between education and employment

TalentCorp is the national agency that drives Malaysia’s talent strategy towards becoming a dynamic talent hub.

As part of their NEXT (Nurturing Expert Talent) initiative, we provide career profiling, career counseling, automated career fair and recruitment solutions that connect graduates, undergraduates, major universities and leading employers in Malaysia.

The NEXT portal provides candidates with access to validated career development tools that :

  • help align them to future career paths and employers
  • reduce the amount of time graduates spend unemployed
  • increase the length of time candidates spend in their first employment role
  • give improved access to online and face-to-face career counselling services

ASEAN Graduates

Alignment to career and learning pathways

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The data gathered by the NEXT  initiative, supported by our career tools and services will help TalentCorp shape future policies with evidence-based talent supply and demand data for the key job roles that will help drive Malaysia’s digital economy for the years to come.